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Future Projects Imaging Malawi

Imaging Malawi Team is working with Malawi Ministry of Health and other international Partners for the establishment of the first Centre of Excellence in Ultrasound of Malawi and neighboring countries. The goal of the Centre is to improve the access to healthcare and the quality of health services in Malawi.

The objective of the proposed project is to support Malawi Ministry of Health’s efforts to achieve sustainable provision of medical imaging services in the Country.
The project is in line with the National Radiology Services Strategic Plan (NRSSP) of the Ministry of Health and will contribute in the capacity building of radiology departments in the Country providing up-to-date ultrasound trainings for the health personnel from the whole Country.

To see the project in detail, download the full project paper here:


Malawi Ministry of Health endorsement: 

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If you want to get involved as a Partner, don’t hesitate to contact us

Please support us in the Fundraising campaing for this project, you can make a difference in the life of millions of people
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