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Malawi Cup 2021

In September 2021 took place the first Malawi Cup organized by Imaging Malawi at the football camps of the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome. 

21 Teams from all the Departments of Agostino Gemelli IRCCS where involved:

I Portantinos, Orto United, U.S. Rocce Rare, 1 Euro Team, Atletico Manontroppo, FCF Degradio, E.R. P.S., Pandemico Madrid, Foleyntina, I Porcellini, FC SARSuolo, Gaviscon, Verosimilmente FC, Continoli, Super Santos, Scarsenal, Subumani, Bayern Leverkornea, Atletico Maniv, Vino e Propofol e Broca Juniors.

Gaviscon Team won the Malawi Cup 2021.


All the money raised with the Cup where donated to Imaging Malawi Associazione di Volontariato in order to sustain the first Ultrasound Training Course that was held in Blantyre in november 2021.

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